When passion is worn on the skin.

Tigre di mare is more than just a clothing brand, it is a concept born in the mind ofAlvar Muñoz. He finds inspiration in the Acapulco golden years; in its colors full of life and dynamism, comparable to the creator's passion for surfing, combined with the mediterranean lifestyle and everyday life at the paradisiac Bali Island, where he currently lives at the top of a cliff by the seashore, away from people, where he can connect with himself and his creativity.

Tigre di mare creates its confections with recyclable materials from the southeastern asian region, such as silk, cotton, bamboo and sea shells, making it a sustainable brand.The originality, the materials and the creativity behind the designs, make Tigre di Mare an authentic brand that brings the beach lifestyle into urban environments, comfort being a key element to make it an exclusive brand.